"I am overjoyed by my experience. When I started working with Michelle, I never really did much with my prophetic words. As we went through the prophetic processing assignments together, my identity and destiny became clearer. God's words to me have become weapons of warfare. I am now on the accelerated path to becoming who God created me to be. Michelle taught me some strategic ways of aligning myself with the Father's view of me. I am excited about my future as a result of being intentional about processing my prophetic words. I discovered God has something so much deeper, higher, and richer than I ever could have imagined. I strongly recommend taking the time to invest in your future. Michelle is an excellent coach and a wonderful person who sincerely cares about what the Lord is saying. She will hep you through the process of turning your prophetic words into a fruitful reality."  

-  Rev. Gina Duncan

First Love Ministries International

"Prophetic processing is changing my life. I can't thank Michelle enough for her coaching support, her wisdom, and for teaching me the skills of prophetic processing. Learning how to partner with my prophetic words has not only changed the clarity of understanding I now have of my true identity, purpose, and destiny, but it is having a very practical impact on the way I live my life and make decisions for myself and my family. Understanding times and seasons has shifted the way I interpret many of my prophetic words, as well as  dreams and encounters. I have increased in peace and confidence through this process and highly recommend Michelle's services to anyone looking to partner with God in the things He has spoken over their life."

- Hayley Scrivens


"Prophetic Processing has given me the Center of Gravity to the walls in front of me blocking my breakthrough! Michelle spoke life to a dream that was on life support. I never could have imagined how God would use this meeting. Michelle took my prophetic words and gave me the top issue in my life that God was speaking to me on! I was looking at other things and in the Lord's way he gently and kindly used Michelle to turn my head to the real things He was trying to tell me and get me to focus on. My journey is long and hard, but Prophetic Processing will be a major part of my breakthrough when this is all said and done. Michelle teaches you how to weaponize the words given to you in the prophetic and wield them on the way to BREAKTHROUGH!!!"

- Charles Hunt

"A couple of my close friends and I did a group processing session with Michelle, then later signed up for her Saturday classes and invited our friends! The insight that Michelle has breathes life into your prophetic words, both old and new alike. She explains her thought process with a solid foundation of God's Word and encourages you with specific ideas, tools, and goals. You leave knowing exactly what you want to do next and with a heart full of joy and excitement. A Kingdom experience and investment that I cannot wait to try again! Thank you, Michelle!"

- Brittany Bobbitt

"Michelle is a brilliant and passionate coach! My session with her was not only life-changing by joyful. She brought revelation and clarity that allowed me to have a fresh perspective on partnering with my prophetic words. She also helped me develop strategies to unlock and connect the dots of walking into the fulness of my identity and embracing the dreams God placed in my heart. The process was very liberating and empowering, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for breakthrough!"

- Marsha Cornwell

"Timing and understanding make the difference! Michelle, on September 6th (2019), you brought clarity and purpose to 3 unclear prophetic words, opening me to a new season in my life. Talk abut timing; one week later, I was offered the Presidency to a large Women's Political Club in Sacramento, CA. I wouldn't have considered the offer, but for the prophetic processing a week earlier, and words that were given to me about the Government Mountain. I believe this offer is God's Plan.

Michelle is a Prophetess that sees with a Pastor's heart. I appreciated your ability to bring God's plans for me. Your questions and wisdom to understand the mysteries of the Prophetic words helps deliver people from floundering to God's purpose using Prophetic Processing. Prophetic Company, it's time, enter 2020 prepared and intentional understanding your prophetic words!"

- Ana Mendez

"Thank you, Michelle!! Having you personally coach me through some of the prophetic words spoken into my life, and you sharing what the Lord spoke to you as well has been priceless!! Anyone needing help in understanding and processing your prophetic word(s) look no further. Make an appointment with Michelle today! You are sure to receive clarity and be blessed! "This charge I entrust to you, Timothy, my child, in accordance with the prophecies previously made about you, that by them you may wage the good warfare," 1 Timothy 1:18 ESV."

- Robin Denison

"The prophetic processing with Michelle presented so much revelation and clarity to my prophetic words. Michelle was able to help me key in on specific identity statements, highlight important words to study and create a strategic, warring declaration. She is so graced to help coach, encourage, and counsel you through the prophetic words you present her. There is one passage of scripture that reminded me of our session together which is 2 Timothy 1:6 - 'For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands.' The time I spent really ignited the flame of the Holy Spirit in me and for that I am grateful. I would recommend anyone by taking the time to invest into getting your words processed by Michelle, it is worth it! Thank you again for your insight, discernment and revelation you poured out into me. I truly feel blessed and excited for what this season is going to bring!"

- Luis Ortega

"Wow! I have been absolutely blown away by my coaching session with Michelle. Prophetic processing has empowered me to unlock and piece the missing puzzles together, and bridge the gap between receiving and walking out my prophetic words with God's intended identity and purpose for my life. With sharp prophetic wisdom, words and teachings, Michelle has helped me to discover the hidden revelation, interpretation, and application behind each word. She taught me practical steps and strategies to translate the words into actions, so I can walk in the fullness of what God has spoken over me and my life. Michelle is incredibly warm-hearted, genuine, encouraging, and fun. It was my first time meeting her, and I was already impacted by her affectionate mother's heart, powerful prophetic insights, and valuable life experiences. She definitely overdelivered and the session was truly priceless. The skill of prophetic processing is indeed life-transforming, and I can confidently say that my life will never be the same again after just the first coaching session with Michelle. I am tremendously grateful!

- Sue Sim

Melbourne, Australia

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