Circadian Sessions

Prophetic Coaching to navigate you through what God is saying in both the day and in the night.

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Get greater understanding of your prophetic words.
Get clarity of what your dreams actually mean.
Walk away knowing exactly what to do next.
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You shouldn’t miss out on the hidden things God is saying and wanting for you to find.

You’ve received a prophetic word or had a dream you know is significant, but you either don’t know what it means or what to do next.


We’re here to help you unlock the language God is speaking to you, about you, and understand what He is saying. 


Don’t miss out on the hidden things. Let's search them out together.

How to Get Started

Step 1: Send us your Prophetic Words and Dreams
Step 2: We interpret those prophetic words and dreams
Step 3: Get a deeper understanding of what God is saying

Select and send us  1-2 of your most important prophetic words and 1-2 of your most profound or confusing dreams.

We carefully read through your prophetic words and pull out the gold of what God is really saying. At the same time, we provide an interpretation of your dreams and any other prophetic insights we get along the way.

We discuss what we see in both your prophetic words and dreams and how they intersect. In a conversation with you, we uncover what God has been saying to you, and you walk away with a greater understanding and a plan of what to do next.


“If you don’t know what to do with the prophetic words that you’ve received or aren’t sure how Father is speaking to you in your dreams, I would highly recommend you reach out to Michelle and Jake. Your life will be forever changed!” 

About Michelle

Michelle is a prophet with a strong pastoral gifting and years of experience as a prophetic trainer. She is part of the core team of trainers with Prophetic Company Global at the Mission Church in Vacaville, CA. Having stewarded a prophetic processing revelation for over a decade, Michelle is an invaluable resource to people looking to step into their destiny. She possesses wisdom, patience, and understanding in this field that rivals her passion for people's personal advancement and the quality of her tenure in prophetic community.  


Michelle is passionate about healthy families which build healthy communities. Her desire is to see the beauty and health of prophetic communities advance around the world. She is happily married to her husband Alex and gets a kick out of the expressions of God’s creativity and joy through their 4 children.

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About Jake

Jake Bullard is a prophetic voice gifted with dream interpretations, words of knowledge and prophetic messages. He has a passion to see the body of Christ live in the awareness of their God given identity and to walk in the fullness of knowing who they are in Christ and who He is in them.


Jake also carries a unique ability to teach, train and equip others in the prophetic, especially with dream interpretations. He and his wife, Rachel, have three boys and live in the metro Atlanta area.

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Circadian Sessions

If you’ve ever wondered how your dreams at night align with your prophetic words, or even what on earth God could be trying to say to you through them, this is your chance.

Understand your Prophetic Words and Dreams

Don’t miss out on the hidden things He is speaking. Search them out.

Gain Key Prophetic Insights
Have a clear path going forward

Start walking out your God given plan and purpose.


Circadian Sessions is a collaboration between Prophetic Processing and Dreams 2:22

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